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Name: Michael Bones 🎻



Email: MichaelBonesmusic [at] gmail [dot] com

Please contact me for booking, recording, collaboration, opportunities


I am a professionally trained violinist and composer that left the path behind with a final concert performance of my own work entitled “the apostate” to pursue my own goals and life aspirations. My grandfather was a fiddle player and I am fusing the classical training and background with the influences of my culture and musical taste informed by history and culture of living as a 3rd generational Canadian. I am a self taught audio engineer and am happy to continue to pursue new musical projects, recording and producing my own music 🎶 as well as collaboration with other artists

Why did I join the “No Love in Mississauga” – “Mississauga Invasion” project:

I joined this group gladly as a member of the Mississauga group of artists creating original music I feel we are all colleagues as musicians and creators. This is one of my favorite Drago Kazooic songs from our now past open mic nights in Mississauga, where we all meet to share new ideas and enthusiasm for each others music 🎶